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Meeting minutes for 2006

  Toys-for-Tots Participation 2006
Under the leadership of Bill Pastino, Dennis Starliper, Chuck Casey, and Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, over 1000 toys which were collected by the detachment. Special thanks to the members of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8097, Toys R Us, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (Laurel complex), and Sysco for establishing Toys-for-Tots collection points.
  Dedication of the National Museum of the Marine Corps
On November 9, 2006, a dedication ceremony was held for the National Museum of the Marine Corps...a legacy of honor, courage, and committment.
       Tank at museum
  Detachment Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony
On November 5, 2006, a birthday cake cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the 231st birthday of the Corps. Chuck Casey organized this annual event.
  Pistol Shooter Awards
On July 25, 2006, the following awards were presented to those who competed in the 2006 Department of Pennsylvania Marine Corps League Pistol Match:
First place: Patrick Starliper
Third place: Chuck Casey
Second place: Team consisting of Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, Danny Rotondo, Chuck Casey, Kevin Oliver, Patrick Starliper, and Joe Roman
       Pistol shooter awards
  Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Dedication
Staff Sergeant Taylor trained, evaluated, and screened many future officers before he departed to Vietnam on his second tour. His memory will always live on, as his name is honored even to this day. On July 21, 2006, a new Officer Candidate School (OCS) Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) was named "Taylor Hall" in honor of Staff Sergeant Karl G. Taylor, Sr. This was the last duty station at which he and his bride Shirley were together.
       Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
  Special Recognition
In June 2006, Bob Walton was given special recognition for his hard work in helping get the Marines Helping Marines program started. In 2002-2004, Bob made regular visits to the Bethesda Naval Hospital, providing emotional and financial support to Marines injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bob was instrumental in helping make the Marine Helping Marines program a national success. Way to go Recon Marine!
  Hot Dog Sale Fundraiser
Joe Roman led this fundraiser on June 10, 2006. Several Marines showed up to sell numerous hot dogs to hungry Wal Mart shoppers in Ellicott City. Four hundred hot dogs were sold at one dollar each from 1030 to 1445! Adding donations and subtracting expenses, $342.58 was netted.
        Hot dog sale fundraiser
  Detachment Marine of the Year 2005
On April 25, 2006, Don Downer was selected Detachment Marine of the Year for 2005 for all the hard work he did during the year. He attended nearly every meeting, participated in numerous committees, gave Orioles baseball tickets to wounded Marines, visited Marines at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, and played a key role in the Toys-for-Tots program. Don Downer is truly an outstanding Marine who selflessly goes above and beyond the call of duty. This award was presented in 2006 for work done in 2005.
  Department Marine of the Year Nominee 2005
Don Downer was also selected to represent the Detachment as the Department Marine of the Year nominee for 2005. Way to go China Marine! This award was presented in 2006 for achievements in 2005.
 Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup
On April 1, 2006, we gathered for our first cleanup of the year. Show from left to right are Mike Betts, Curt Rotondo, Doug Putt, and Danny Rotondo, Jr. all hard at work.
         Don't even think of littering on Route 108
It took only 70 minutes for 12 of us to collect 27 bags of trash that day. In the back on the truck, from left to right are Danny Rotondo, Curt Rotondo, Doug Putt, and Danny Rotondo, Jr. In front, from left to right are Kevin Oliver, Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, Danny Burke, Bill Pastino, Dennis Starliper, Mike Betts, and Chuck Casey. Thanks for the hard work fellas. Howard County is a little bit cleaner because of your efforts!
         Don't even think of littering on Route 108
On a cool, sunny December 2, 2006, 14 of us collected 17 bags of trash in one hour. From left to right and standing to sitting/kneeling are DJ, Danny Rotondo Jr., Mike Betts, Sue Muller, Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, Doug Putt Jr., Curt Rotondo, Bill Pastino, Dennis Starliper, Kevin Oliver in front on far left, Danny Rotondo, Doug Putt, and Norma.
         14 bodies, 17 bags of trash, one hour
  Swearing in of New Member
We are always glad to get a new member. What made this event special is it was the father of our own Pat Starliper. Hopefully the tree doesn't fall far from the fruit it bears. Here we see Pat welcoming his father to the detachment as an associate member on March 28, 2006.
        Like son, like father
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