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Meeting minutes for 2007

In 1947, the Marine Corps Toys-for-Tots (T4T) program began when a group of Marine Corps reservists in Los Angeles collected and distributed 5000 toys to children in need. The program was so successful that it was adopted by reserve units nationwide.

In more recent years, some Marine Corps League detachments (such as our own) have also helped collect toys in support of the program. On November 23, 2007 (Black Friday), Dennis Starliper, Jim Lopez, Mike Betts, and T4T Chairperson Bill Pastino set up a collection bin at the Columbia Toys 'R' Us. For 12 hours on Friday and 6 hours on Saturday, they challenged nearly every shopper to buy one extra toy for the collection bin. Their hard work paid off. They collected 453 toys plus cash donations to purchase additional toys! Great job fellas!

At our February 2008 meeting, Pete Pervi from the Anne Arundel County Marine Corps League Detachment 1049 presented several of our Toys-for-Tots participants with certificates of recognition. He also presented our detachment with a plaque for our continued support.

Shown below from left to right are Dennis Starliper, Mike Betts, and Bill Pastino.
        Dennis Starliper, Mike Betts, and Bill Pastino
To make donations on-line, check out the Marine Toys-for-Tots Foundation.
  Veterans Day and Marine Corps Birthday Celebration
On November 11, 2007, Bill Pastino organized and led a Veterans Day celebration at the Ellicott Mills Brewing Company (EMBC) in Historic Ellicott City, 8308 Main Street, Ellicott City 21043. A $10 lunch was served with a portion of the profits being donated to the league. The detachment picked up the tab for honored guests from Walter Reed, Bethesda, and the veterans hospitals.

EMBC brewed the Semper Fi Strong Ale again this year to help celebrate the Marine Corps birthday, which was on November 10. They also donated a portion of the beer sales back to the league. The detachment held a cake cutting ceremony.

This successful event was just Bill's, EMBC's, and the detachment's way of saying "Thank you" to all veterans.
  Department of Pennsylvania 28th Annual Keystone Rifle MatchThis is my rifle.  There are many like it but this one is mine.
On September 29-30, 2007 Pat Starliper, John Davis, DJ, and Mike Betts participated in the rifle match at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania (either as shooters or spectators). They shot their weapons on Saturday then hung out at the enlisted club that night. They ran into a "wannabe Marine" that tried to pass himself off as being a real Marine. Mike quickly put this man (not even sure if he was a "real man") in his place. Special thanks to Pat Starliper for providing the below photos.

Below, Pat demonstrates the standing position...
...while John shoots from the kneeling.
        Another bullseye!
  Dave Ricketts and John Davis
What is better than swearing in a new member? How about swearing in two new members? On September 25, 2007, Dave Ricketts and John Davis were welcomed as our newest members.
        Dave and John being sworn in
  Labor Day Picnic
On Monday, September 3, 2007, the detachment hosted a Labor Day Picnic at the Jessup Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) building. Special thanks to the efforts of Marines Oliver, Rotondo, and Kip (Kippenbrock). Kip set the menu and procured the supplies, Danny manned the grill (somewhat of a grill hog), and Kevin tended bar (he was a huge hit!)
  New Member, Life Member
Few things give us as much pleasure as welcoming a new member to our family...except perhaps knowing that a member has chosen to remain with us for the rest of their life. On July 24, 2007, we welcomed Jimmy Noble to the detachment.
        Jimmy Noble being welcomed to the detachment
We also upgraded Francis Nielsen's membership to life membership.
        Francis Nielsen welcomed as a life member
It was a good day for one and all.
  Department of Pennsylvania Annual Service Pistol Match
On June 1-3, 2007, a shooting team from the detachment met at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania for a weekend of shooting and camaraderie. Attendees included DJ, Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, Mike Betts, Pat Starliper, Kevin Oliver, Danny Rotondo, Joe Roman, and Bill Brooks. On Friday night, the group ate dinner at the Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). On Saturday, a joint barbeque dinner was held with the Marines from Anne Arundel County consisting of steak, ribs, pork chops, potato salad, green bean casserole, chips, fruit platter, onion medley with bacon bits, sausages, imported beer, light beer, premium beer,...., oh yeah, and beer! Special thanks to Bill Brooks for providing some of the below photos.

All the food and beer must have been good for Kip's shooting as he took first place for the sharpshooter class!
        Is the firing line clear?  Clear on the left.  Clear on the right.  The firing line is clear.
Service pistols were fired from 25 yards and each participant shot the course twice, which consisted of 3 strings of fire: slow, timed, and rapid. Each string was 10 rounds. In the end, each person shot 60 rounds. Unlike previous matches, shooters remained dry. It was the first weekend in detachment memory that it did not rain at the pistol match.
DJ shows us that he knows how to field strip and clean his weapon.
DJ, Danny Rotondo, and Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock hang out at the enlisted club bar on base.
        DJ, Danny Rotondo, and Frank Kippenbrock
  Department Convention
The Marine Corps League Maryland Department Annual Convention was held in Ocean City on the weekend of May 12-13, 2007. At this event, the detachment received a Meritorious Unit Commendation. Individual awards were also presented. Our own Mike Betts, Senior Vice Commandant, received his second Marine Corps League Distinguished Service Award and Legion of Honor of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains for visitations and other work done with the Marines Helping Marines Program. In the below photo, Mike receives his Chapel of the Four Chaplains award from Maryland Department Commandant Jack Severn.
        Mike Betts receiving award from Jack Severn, Department Commandant
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