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Meeting minutes for 2018

  Last Man Standing
After our April 24, 2018 meeting, retired Lieutenant Colonel Ed Hall and retired Colonel Lou Schott broke open a bottle of "Maker's Mark" Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

The bottle was dedicated to Lou Schott, who is believed to be the last man standing from his unit during the battle of Okinawa in 1945. Back then, he was a bright-eyed Second Lieutenant, serving as a Platoon Leader with "Baker" Company, First Battalion, Fifth Marines (1/5). He led his Marines in the battles of New Britain and Peleliu. On the 11th day of the fighting on the island of Peleliu, while scratching his right arm pit with his left hand he was wounded in his left arm by a Japanese mortar blast. Years later on his return trips to the island he looks for the family of fleas that saved his life.

Second Lieutenant Schott was medevac'd to Pearl Harbor and then promoted to First Lieutenant while recovering from his wound. He was soon ordered back to The Fleet Marine Force (FMF) where he assumed command of "Able" Company, 1/5. First Lieutenant Schott led 144 Marines into the battle of Okinawa and walked out with fewer than 15. Around 1948, the survivors of Able 1/5 started annual reunions. They contacted Makers Mark Bourbon and requested a special label which read "A 1/5, last man standing, Okinawa 1945."

At the request of Ed Hall, Makers Mark reproduced the label...only this time the name Lou Schott was printed as being the last man standing.


Colonel Schott made a toast to his unit.

Kevin Oliver and the Colonel.
  Inaugural "Game Hen" Trap Shoot
On April 21, 2018, our detachment held its first "Game Hen" trap shoot fundraiser at the Carroll County Gun Club. Ed Hall and his team taught the training clinics for those that had never shot trap.

The event started by playing our National Anthem.

Shooters at the ready. From left to right are Kevin Oliver, Ed Hall, Sam Bass (Old Post) and Daniel Paulin.

Left to right: Gordon MacPhee, Mike Betts, Daniel Paulin, and Gregory Paulin.

Left to right: Mike Betts, Gordon MacPhee, Curtis Atkins, Lou Schott, and Martin Atkins (Curtis' brother).
  Howard County Veterans Commission Presentation
On April 10, 2018, the Howard County Veterans Commission sponsored the annual Veterans Forum with vendors to show veterans what services and resources are available to them.

This gathering was also used so Detachment Commandant Bill Swain could present our own retired Colonel Lou Schott with a framed miniature guidon representing his rifle company during the Battle of Okinawa 1945.

Many Marines from our detachment were there as well as three of Colonel Schott's daughters.

Colonel Schott with James Marchinke, American Legion Maryland Department Commander.
  Marlin Benton, Jr.
On February 27, 2017, our newest member signed on...Marlin Benton, Jr. Marlin is a former EA-6 Prowler aviator. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan before retiring as a Colonel. Welcome aboard Marlin!
  Detachment Marine of the Year 2017
At our March 2018 meeting, our Detachment Marine of the Year for 2017 was announced: Tim Paulin. Tim is recognized for the hard work he did in 2017 to help make our detachment superfantastic. Saki submitted the following nomination for Tim:

Tim joined our detachment with his son, Daniel, on June 28, 2016. While he was only with us for a year and a half, in 2017, he has truly exemplified the characteristics of a Marine Corps League member. It seems every time there is an activity, he is there. He has participated in the following:
     Visiting James Dixon, a Montford Point Marine and Congressional Gold Medal recipient.
     Flag retirement ceremony.
     Eagle Scout ceremony.
     Color guard member in the Savage Fest parade.
     Scholarship presentation.
     Howard County Veterans Monument Site Dedication in Columbia.
     18th Annual River Hill Independence Day Parade.
     Blue Star Memorial Re-dedication in Ellicott City.
     Veterans Day Parade in Ellicott City.
     Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day Gala.

Tim recruited his son, Greg Paulin, who was sworn in on November 28, 2017.

Time served as Senior Vice Commandant, occasionally filling in for the Commandant when he could not attend or was late for a meeting.

Tim takes photos at events when nobody else is doing so. This enables us to better promote our detachment through social media.

For the last several months, our detachment has been without an adjutant. Tim has filled this void by recording the meeting minutes, transcribing them at home, and then sending them out to the detachment. This is a task that he has taken on for the simple reason that it needs to be done and nobody else wants to do it.

Tim went above and beyond the call of duty when he and his family opened up their house to the detachment for a winter holiday party. He prepared fine food and drink, making sure that all guests felt welcome and were well fed. By taking charge of this activity, Tim supported the first clause of our mission statement:
     Members of the Marine Corps League join together in camaraderie and fellowship

Tim is an excellent Marine and we hope that he will continue to be an active member of our detachment for many years to come.
  Marlin Benton, Jr.
On February 27, 2017, our newest member signed on...Marlin Benton, Jr. Marlin is a former EA-6 Prowler aviator. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan before retiring as a Colonel. Welcome aboard Marlin!
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