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Upcoming Events | Ongoing Events

For Past Events, see the Unit History Page.

Upcoming Events

  Toys-for-Tots Participation 2017
WHEN: November 24 to December 5, 2017
WHERE: Toys-R-Us at 6100 Dobbin Road, Columbia, Maryland 21045.
CONTACT: Bill Pastino
Volunteers are asked to work 4 hour shifts from 0900 to 1300 or 1300 to 1700. Toys can be dropped off at Self Storage One at 3470 Ellicott Center Drive at the end of the road across from the Post Office. Contact Bill Pastino to find out which storage space and when/how to access.

  American Legion Christmas Party
WHEN: Wednesday, December 13, 2017
WHERE: Large room of the Yingling-Ridgely Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Auxiliary Post 7472, 4225 VFW Lane, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043.
CONTACT: Gordon MacPhee
  National Convention 2018
WHEN: August 12-17, 2018
WHERE: Buffalo Hyatt, Two Fountains Plaza, Buffalo, New York 14202. Phone: 716-856-1234. Room price $113 for one and $130 for 2 people plus room tax.. Free parking, free breakfast and free wifi.
Room rate: $115.00 with 18% tax, free parking, free breakfast, and free wifi.

Ongoing Events

  Seeking Veteran School Presenters (VSPs)
WHEN: Ongoing, starting November 10, 2017
WHERE: Howard County schools
The Veterans in School Resource Committee (VSRC) of the Howard County Commission for Veterans and Military Families has developed a standard format presentation, that when followed, will provide high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools students a concise yet consistent, message about Veterans, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, flag etiquette and more.
Our opening (pilot) presentation is scheduled for November 10, 2017 at Howard High School. In order to meet this and follow on school requests, as we move forward with this program, the VSRC is compiling a list of active volunteer Veterans who are qualified to serve as presenters. The presentations are designed to be 30-45 minutes in duration, given on the school property. Volunteers must be articulate, have good voice projection, exhibit military bearing and appearance, preferably have some public speaking experience and be willing to adhere to the attached agenda/program outline.
Anyone interested in becoming a qualified Veteran School Presenter (VSP) please contact Ed Hall.
  Savage Fest Fundraiser
WHEN: First Saturday in June
WHERE: Baldwin Common and Carroll Baldwin Hall, 9035 Baltimore Street, Savage, Maryland 20763
Our detachment will sell food.
  American Legion Post 156 Flea Market Extravaganza
WHEN: Third Saturday in September
Our detachment will tenatively sell food.
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