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The Auxiliary has been disbanded

Junior Vice President
Mimi Kippenbrock

Gloria Roman

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Senior Vice President
Kathy Casey

Kathy Casey

Judge Advocate
Vicki Betts

Mimi Kippenbrock

Jane Starliper

President's Greeting

Gloria Roman - President: 2007-2008

Mimi Kippenbrock - President: 2004-2006

After almost a year of meeting, organizing, fundraising and re-organizing, we finally received our Charter, were initiated, and had our officers installed Tuesday, April 27, 2004. It was an honor to have then Department of Maryland Auxiliary President Sandra Blum on hand to perform the rituals. It took a lot of hard work, commitment and time on everyone’s part to make this happen.

I know I speak for all of our members, when I say we feel privileged to be able to be part of an organization whose mission is so honorable. We look forward to serving Marines and their families, our community and supporting our detachment’s efforts.

As the wife of a retired Marine, I understand first hand the hardships and sacrifices Marines and their families experience. One of my personal goals for our new Auxiliary Unit is to support the families of active duty Marines who are currently deployed overseas or have recently returned. We will also be taking part in many existing Marine Corps League and Marine Corps League Auxiliary programs, such as the Marines Helping Marines Program and Operation Little Angels.

Right now, we have a small group, but a very strong one. Each of the amazing women in our unit bring with them individual talents, abilities and interests that will help the SSgt Karl G. Taylor, Sr. Unit grow and thrive. This is an exciting time for our in which we will be defining ourselves as a unit and finding focus.

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to have you! Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.

Semper Fidelis!
Mimi Kippenbrock

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(A) To Preserve the traditions and promote the interests of the United States Marine Corps;
(B) To maintain true allegiance to American institutions;

(C) To hold sacred the history and memory of the men who have given their lives to the nation;
(D) To perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps and by fitting to observe the anniversaries of historical occasions of particular interest to Marines;

(E) To create a bond of comradeship between the Auxiliary and the Marine Corps League;
(F) To aid voluntarily and to render assistance to all Marines and former Marines as well as to their widows and orphans;
(G) To help decorate the graves of all deceased Marines whenever and where possible;

(H) To strive for the passage of legislation favorable to the Marine Corps League, Inc. and to the United States Marine Corps and its personnel;
(I) To always foster love of Honesty, Loyalty and Truth, and a reverence to our God, our Country, our Family and our Home.

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We received our charter on March 8, 2004. Pictured below in white shirts from left to right are Mildred Cady, Kathy Casey, Gloria Roman, Janet Graham, Mimi Kippenbrock (holding charter), Vicki Betts, and Sandra Blum (Department of Maryland Auxiliary President).
         Auxiliary and charter in matching colors
Our charter
         Auxiliary charter

Officers were officially sworn in on April 27, 2004 by Sandra Blum, Department of Maryland Auxiliary President.

Members attended the Department of Maryland Auxiliary State Convention on May 7-9, 2004 in Ocean City, Maryland.

Patriotic magnetic (vehicle) ribbons were sold in 2004 to help fund the Marines Helping Marines program.

On April 25, 2006, a new officer installation was performed. Dawn Parker, Department of Maryland Judge Advocate, swore in the newly elected staff. Shown below from left to right are Vicki Betts, Gloria Roman, Mimi Kippenbrock, and Kathy Casey. As President, Mimi will be sworn in seperately.
         Auxiliary taking oath
After the event, refreshments were served to all present. The ladies take a well deserved break to socialize and mingle with family, friends, and detachment members. Shown below from left to right are Vicki Betts, Sandra Blum, Mimi Kippenbrock, Kathy Casey, and Gloria Roman.
         Auxiliary taking break

On April 24, 2007, elections were held. Newly elected officers were sworn in by Dawn Parker, the Department of Maryland Judge Advocate. Afterwards, refreshments were served.

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Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Fundraising Dinners
WHEN: Sometimes on the fourth Friday of non-summer months. Lately, the Marine Corps League has been filling in.
WHERE: Jessup Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Money raised from the dinners supports projects such as the Little Angel Project, Marines Helping Marines, the Semper Fi Fund, and the Detachment Scholarship.

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How do I join?

Eligibility for Regular Membership in the Marine Corps League Auxiliary
Women marines, former women marines, wives, widows, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, sisters, stepmothers, step-daughters and daughters-in law of a marine or of a former marine eligible to belong to the Marine Corps League, Inc. (not less than 16 years of age).

Eligibility for Associate Membership in the Marine Corps League Auxiliary
If you do not qualify for Regular Membership, you may apply for an Associate Membership. (not less than 16 years of age).

The auxiliary is currently on hiatus.

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