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   SSgt Karl G. Taylor, Sr. Detachment 1084: History 2008

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For more historical photos, see the Golf Tournament Page and the Scholarship Page.

Meeting minutes for 2008

  SSgt Karl G. Taylor, Sr. Remembered in Leatherneck Magazine
In December 2008, Leatherneck Magazine paid tribute to our detachment's namesake, SSgt Karl G. Taylor, Sr. Duane Crawford wrote this fine article which appears in the December 2008 issue, page 28. Additionally, Mr. Crawford made a generous $250 donation to our detachment.

  Toys-for-Tots Participation
In 2008, several detachment members volunteered their time to collect toys at various businesses throughout Howard County. This was a joint effort with Anne Arundel County Detachment 1049. Together, the two detachments collected 29,141 toys which were distributed to needy children in the area.

  Ellicott Mills Brewing Company Veterans Day Celebration
On November 9, 2008, Ellicott Mills Brewing Company in Historic Ellicott City served a fine Veterans Day meal. Our own Bill Pastino organized this event where veterans ate for free and non-vets were charged a mere $10.
  Department of Pennsylvania 29th Annual Keystone Rifle MatchThis is my rifle.  There are many like it but this one is mine.
On September 26-28, 2008, Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, Mike Betts, Dale Hornberger, Doug Putt, DJ, and Danny Rotondo participated in the Marine Corps League rifle shooting contest at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. Also in attendance were spectators Joe Roman, Bill Brooks, and Stan Brosky.

This rifle match was somewhat different from ones in the past in that it rained from reveille until taps. But even the constant rain did not dampen the spirit of the Marines that were there to shoot and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow Marines. Upon returning from this weekend retreat, a steak dinner was prepared by Doug Putt and Frank Kippenbrock.

Mike Betts earned the third place sharpshooter award. The plaque reads "TWENTY NINETH ANNUAL SERVICE RIFLE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH." Notice that "ninth" is spelled incorrectly.
        Twenty nineth
  Bobbie Flock, May 3, 1922 to July 19, 2008
Few things give us greater sorrow than saying a final farewell to an active member of the Detachment. On July 19, 2008, Rhua V. "Bobbie" Flock, was summoned to meet the Supreme Commandant.
        Bobbie Flock 2008
Her family held a "Celebration of Life" event on July 24 at the Witzke Funeral Home in Ellicott City. Several of her closest friends and family attended. Approximately a dozen Marine Corps League members were also present to honor the life of Bobbie.
        Celebrationn of Life
Photos of Bobbie as a young World War II Marine were shown along with more recent pictures of her with some of her closest friends.

Commandant Chuck Casey said some comforting words, mentioning that Bobbie considered every Marine and former Marine a brother or sister. Chuck stated that he has never met anyone so proud to be a Marine.

Chuck and Chaplain Joe Roman performed a Marine Corps League Service which closed with Mike Betts and Gerry Fay bugling taps.

Bobbie's ashes were laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery at a 1300 service on Wednesday, October 2nd. This was well attended by Bobbie’s family and friends. Our own detachment was also well represented. For each of us that had the pleasure of knowing Bobbie, we know she will be missed. Being at Arlington that day with friends and family was a humbling experience. Bobby loved her brother and sister Marines. She was always there to share her memories and life experience. If you had the opportunity to talk with Bobbie one-on-one, you left knowing that your life was truly enriched.
  Everett and Buck
On July 22, 2008, Commandant Chuck Casey swore in new members Everett Wrunkles and Leon "Buck" Otten. We hope to see them at future meetings and events. Special thanks to DJ for providing the below photo.
        Everett and Buck are sworn in
  Department of Pennsylvania Annual Service Pistol Match
The Department of Pennsylvania Annual Service Pistol Match took place from May 30 to June 1, 2008 at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. At $30 per contestant, this was the best bargain in town. Participants (shooters and cheering section) included DJ, Frank "Kip" Kippenbrock, Mike Betts, Danny Rotondo, Dennis Starliper, and Bill Brooks. Special thanks to Bill for providing the below photos.

DJ and Kip wait for their turn to shoot while a Marine cleans and inspects his weapon in the background.
        DJ and Frank Kippenbrock
Fashion contrast! Mike Betts displays his stealthy motif while Danny wears his Marine Corps red shirt.
        Mike Betts and Danny Rotondo
Hanging out with fellow shooters around the grill is a long time tradition of every Marine Corps League shooting event.
        Mike Betts, Dennis Starliper, and Frank Kippenbrock
  Chesty XIII
Chesty XIII has been known to attend our functions from time to time. He is a pure bred English bulldog of outstanding lineage. He will be the next mascot of Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., and will enlist in the Marine Corps in April 2008. Chesty is "hosted" by our current Commandant, Master Sergeant Charles Casey and his family. Chesty was born on June 3, 2007, and is currently undergoing intense puppy boot camp. He will begin marching the Evening Parades at Marine Barracks some time in July of 2008. He made his marching debut at the last Evening Parade of 2007 as "a recruit in the delayed entry program." Although many believe the mascot of Marine Barracks is the Marine Corps' mascot, he is not officially listed as such.

        Chesty at work
Above, Chesty is getting on-the-job training from one of the more seasoned veterans. Below, Chesty practices being adorable.
        Who let the dogs out?
Why the name "Chesty?" If you don't know that, then you obviously aren't a Marine. Learn about the original Chesty at Chesty Puller - Wikipedia.

Message from Commandant Chuck Casey:
PFC Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller XIII made his official debut on July 25, 2008 as the official mascot of Marine Barracks, Washington, DC and as his trainer and host family, we could not be more proud. He loves to eat just about anything, has a wide chest and narrow waist, loves to tear the cover off of softballs and baseballs (literally), and I finally can say I have a son in the Marine Corps! His first Parade Season will come to a successful close with he final parade of the season on August 29, 2008. He has done an outstanding job sitting when he was supposed to. We look forward to an exciting few years and I will hopefully get to travel with him to France, Canada, and the west coast as he is travels with The Battle Color Detachment of Marine Barracks.

From "Ruff and Ready: There's a new dog in town..." in Shipmate, November 2008:
As the official mascot of the Barracks and the unofficial mascot of the Marine Corps, Private First Class Chesty looks every bit a proud Marine. His coat is solid white (a tribute to the first Marine Corps bulldog mascot, Sergeant Major Jiggs), and at 44 pounds, he is fit and trim with a broad muscular chest and a narrow waist, "just like a Marine should look," according to his caretaker and senior drill instructor, Master Sergeant Charles Casey, USMC.
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